A Simple Act of Kindness - Events

Cupcakes - Bradshawgate - 19 September

Planting bulbs - Bradshawgate - 17 October

Instructions to force crocuses to bloom
Water the bulbs when you get home.
Crocuses need a cold treatment for 12 weeks to bloom. So, place the pot in a dark, cool, but not freezing place (about 4C/40F) such as a celar or unheated garage or refrigerator, away from ripening fruit or vegatables.
When the shoots reach about 5 cm (2 in) tall, bring the pot out of cold storage and place it in a slightly warmer (10C/50F) location with low light intensity.
Over the next few days, gradually move it towards a sunny window. Turn the pot every day for even growth.
When in full bloom, keep crocuses in a bright location but out of direct sun to prolong the bloom.

Artificial flowers - Bradshawgate - 21 November

Carol Singing - 19 December

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